" I can be hard to work with when it comes to last minute detail.

If something feels wrong,

I redo it. "

Dimitris Petropoulos

University Student & Entrepreneur

Game Design and Gamification
Leadership and Management

With over half a decade experience in the GiG Industry, I have developed a wide-variety of skills.

If you are bored to go to work 
then you definetely need
vocational guidance.

My experiences
Everlasting accumulated knowledge

The past half decade, I have been working on unique projects and companies that have helped me evolve both professionaly and as a person.

Stolendale is a fast-paced card game, with over 50 collectible cards. Choose between Earth and Aeiros.
In Stolendale the player decides how the story progresses.

The day-one goal is for all cards obtained, be able to be shipped to the players’ home door, internationally.

DNG SA is a consulting firm based in Greece with a wide clientele, providing consulting and research services.

Kubo Studios is a game design company based in the Philippines. Our goal is to provide the quality that the community deserves by incorporating creative and interactive stories into our games!

Official Minecraft Marketplace Partner

Lead.Pro is a map creation and game creation company, supplying content for the Official Minecraft Marketplace. LeadPro has a publishing agreement with Microsoft’s Partners, and the next project, called “Escape from School” is expected to go live on October 2020

Syncore is a web design agency specializing in creating scalable, progressively enhanced websites, dedicated to bringing brand new web standards, design trends, and practices into the spotlight.

Vodafone is a huge telecommunications provider established in the United Kingdom. It operates in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

IGE is the sector of Incoming Global Entrepreneur, my goal was to contact Greek Startup companies and discuss the program. The purpose of which is to bring students (21-28 years old) to complete an internship on said company.

Plaisio Computers, the biggest retail store chain specialized in technology and office supplies products.

Legends of Valeros is a huge MMORPG Project within Minecraft. The project is in the works for the past five years. Managed to create a game within a game

ElitePvP is a Minecraft server located in Greece. We provide amazing and fun game modes for all of our players to enjoy.

ElitePvP Managed to become the 3rd TOP Minecraft server in Greece.

All that is good...

But university is the best experience
I have the honor to undertake lectures at the most prestigious public university
University of Piraeus
Don't be shy!

For all inquires - reach out!