Hi, I am Jim

And with the help of games, I connect people online, creating immersive experiences.

My Story

About me

I am Dimitris Petropoulos, and I am a University Student at University of Piraeus in Greece.

I love gaming and creating experiences, connecting people, players and families online, and that is why I am running my own game. Entrepreneurship in the Gaming Industry is fairly unpopular, that needs to change! There are so many good things in gaming, but nobody speaks about them. “Gaming is at fault, gaming causes violence” is what my parents and older peers used to and still say.

You can find me around on Discord, usually drinking a cup of espresso while listening to some Lofi Hop Jazz, Swing or Rock.

"I have a dream which worths more than my sleep"

Connecting friends online has always been a passion for me, since my first GiG Project, I find it intriguing how games can change a person’s life. It is not just finding new people to chat with, but the ability to be open and accept to introduce themselves to new cultures, experiences and more…!

More than just a few hours of "fun"

Why I love gaming

Since 2014 I have been creating exciting online experiences for people from all around the globe. My Game-inside-Game projects were experienced by over 200.000 players and this is number is exponentially increasing. 

Players adore good online games, but what they love is the ability to approach or be approached by like-minded people from a different country and culture. It is the excitment of discovering something new throughout playing and cooperating to win and takeover the castle, the region, the enemy base. Being open, and the ability to adapt and trust someone from thousands of miles away; who you just met, and trusting them, exploring the experiences someone like me has created!

Online gaming experiences is not just playing videogames, but it’s also the ability to explore, learn, work together. The GiG industry is a gateway to teen entrepreneurship – especially in the Game Development Community – and it is vastly used by young players to create their own experiences, easily, without the need to code a single line. That is what the people of the GiG industry love about it, how just an idea, a spark of inspiration, can create an amazing little adventure for all players involved.

His commitment and passion to his craft was unmistakable in every interaction our fans, customers, and clients had with him. In fact, his work in our company was so valuable, that our project, Stolendale, grew to be one of the most anticipated Game-inside-Game (GiG) projects of the new decade.

Nathan Sykes

Best-Selling Author & TEDx Speaker

Dimitris and I have been working together for the past two years. His direct, hands-on problem solving capabilities and his extensive knowledge in GiG always stun me.

Louis Snyman

Legal Practitioner& Entrepreneur

His incredible passion for designing unforgetable experiences is something not everyone is able to do. Jim knows exactly what to do to hype our fanbase and players. 

Marc Angelo Villanueva

Microsoft Partner (Kubo Studios OPC)

I have been working with Jim (Dimitris) for over a year now, Jim is absolutely brilliant at managing, and being a great leader and definitely isn’t afraid to step outside of his comfort zone to better his skills and to provide a better service!

Shay Punter

Teen Entrepreneur & Web Developer

Jim is an extremely competent and professional individual, striving to produce and connect friends and people from all around the globe. He has never ceased to amaze me with his efficient solutions and his insane work ethic. He has been nothing but my role model that I strive to become one day.

Alistair Farr

Aspiring Entrepreneur & Humanitarian

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and it's a mixture of virtual and real-life gameplay
Real-life actions on official tournaments determine the progression of the story
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